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Because sometimes you can't

It is no wonder we associate fire with camping – it is a tool that pre-dates our species and some say defines it. Whether on a backcountry adventure, a state park with the family, or a backyard gathering we crave that ambient glow and soothing crackle to provide the setting for storytelling and revelry. But sometimes we can’t. As our climate changes and our habitat expands into the wild, we carry a responsibility in our exploration and fun. So when a fire is irresponsible, inconvenient, or illegal, Sundownr is here to help. It's the campfire for when you cant.


Sparked from the desire to stay up when the sun goes down, you will soon be able to enjoy the inviting glow and pleasant sound of a fire with convenience and safety. Stay tuned for more or subscribe to our community as we launch in 2024! 

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